The great idea of satoyama initiative.

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Before coming to Japan I didn't know a thing about the satoyama initiative, well, I knew that Japan had a special relation with nature and it's environment, but I didn't know that they were making this effort to preserve the connection between humankind and nature, and even better, they are spreading this idea around the world thanks to the United Nations.

What does Satoyama mean

So for all of you that are like I was, unaware of this initiative, let me explain you a bit about it. The satoyama (里山) word is composed by 2 kanji, one of them is 里 sato, which means home town, and the other is 山 yama, which means mountain, so you could think is the home town up in the mountains, and it is, but also it holds another meaning, the sustainable usage of nature in rural areas as a resource and a way of living. Let's say I go somewhere where villagers care about their land, they will use it for farming or making some kind of profit, and they will also know that if they cut too much wood, change the river's course or build a huge factory that could change everything, that's satoyama. The way humankind changes the environment for its own benefit and still tries to maintain the balance between landscape, flora, fauna and development.

Menace or development?



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